Air Conditioning

Your Air Conditioning system is very important when it comes to cooling down your home. That is why we recommend air conditioning services on a routine basis. With maintenance inspections, our technicians can make sure your system is functioning properly. More »

AC Repair

If you dont catch an issue on time, you may need AC Repair. We have technicians that provide great quality AC repair services. If you think there is an issue with your system, you are probably correct. Call us today to inspect your unit to see if you need AC repair. More »

Air Conditioning Contractor

Finding an Air Conditioning Contractor should not be hard decision when you have a great AC company on your side. We have certified air conditioning contractor that can handle just about every job in the AC business. You know where to turn when needing services. More »

Air Conditioning Repair Service

If it breaks, we can fix it. For air conditioning repair service, it is always good to have maintenance checks. This will prevent you from having air conditioning repair service if it is not needed. When you take care of your AC system, it will take care of your cool needs. More »

HVAC Contractor

Looking for an HVAC contractor? Look no further. Our NATE certified technicians will have you covered. It is hard trying to find a trustworthy AC company. So let Air Conditioning St. Petersburg take the guess-work out of life for you. Contact our HVAC contractor today. More »


Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy For

A companies Privacy Policy is very important. In fact, it is more important than you think. This web page on a company website is probably the most over-looked page on the entire website. That is because many people do not understand what a privacy policy is. A privacy policy is a document that explains how a person's information is used within the business. A company must display their privacy policy on their website for all viewers to read. Every website user and customer should review this important page to understand how their personal information will be used. All personal information submitted is always voluntary. If you do not wish to provide Air Conditioning St. Petersburg with your personal data, just observe our company website. We recommend that you do not fill out or submit any forms.

Personal Information
By using this website, you are already agreeing to the terms and conditions of this privacy policy. We may collect many forms of personal identification from users of our company website. This includes information submitted through our contact us form, subscribing to our newsletter or filling out a survey. These online forms will require you to submit your name, phone number, email address and mailing address. All information is voluntary. If you do not wish to provide your personal information, please do not fill out any forms on this website. Users can refuse to supply personal information. However, you will not be able to interact with our website.

Non-Personal Information
By using this website, we will collect non-personal information whenever you interact with our site. This information includes browser name, other technical information as well as the type of computer you are using. Other technical information includes your computer operating system and your internet service provider. All of this information helps us to keep our website up to date with todays technology. By researching this information, we can update our website so users can view it on any type of browser or computer. Basically, we want our technical components to be compatible with every user that uses our company website.

Protecting Your Information
It is important to keep your information private. This privacy policy will ensure you that your information will be stored and processed with security. We take proper security measures to protect your information from unauthorized access. This also includes unauthorized alterations, disclosures or destruction of your personal information. It is our job to keep your user name, passwords, financial transaction information safe and secured.

Sharing Personal Information
Air Conditioning St. Petersburg does not trade, rent or sell user information to anyone. All information collected is only used for customer access or technical usage. We have never had a security breach in our company. All staff and hired personnel have gone through vigorous background checks as well as random drug screening. All staff take your personal information very seriously as we provide services for your air conditioning system.

Third Party Websites
When using this website, you may find advertising or sponsored links on our pages. These links will take you to other advertisers or sponsor's website. If you click on the link and leave our page, we are not responsible for any stolen information that you have given them. We have no control over their security, nor do we have control of links on their websites. We recommend that you review all privacy policy pages from other websites. Then you will be informed on how that company will use your information.

How We Collect Information
This privacy policy informs you on how information is collected. We use your personal information will respect and professionalism. As a company, our main focus is customer service. All staff performs the highest customer service on a daily basis. Even if you contact us after normal business hours. If there are any concerns about our customer service, feel free to contact us to inform us. We use your information to improve the customer service provided to website users and valued customers. The information you have given us helps us respond to your questions or comments in a timely manner. Another way we collect personal data is by contests, surveys or other Site features. When you complete a survey, you may receive a response regarding your questionnaire. If you have chosen to receive our newsletter, we will use your information to send or email you our flyer. All of this is voluntary. If you do not wish to sign up, just bypass this on our page.

Changes To The Privacy Policy
Air Conditioning St. Petersburg has the discretion to, update or alter this privacy policy at any given time. When this occurs, we will post a notification on our website. You will find important updates on the Home Page. If you are a long-time valued customer, we recommend that you frequently check this page for any changes that you should be aware of. By posting updated data on our website, this is the only notification you will receive. We will not send out emails or contact customers. It is the user's responsibility to review the privacy policy to become aware of any changes.