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Your Air Conditioning system is very important when it comes to cooling down your home. That is why we recommend air conditioning services on a routine basis. With maintenance inspections, our technicians can make sure your system is functioning properly. More »

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If you dont catch an issue on time, you may need AC Repair. We have technicians that provide great quality AC repair services. If you think there is an issue with your system, you are probably correct. Call us today to inspect your unit to see if you need AC repair. More »

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Finding an Air Conditioning Contractor should not be hard decision when you have a great AC company on your side. We have certified air conditioning contractor that can handle just about every job in the AC business. You know where to turn when needing services. More »

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If it breaks, we can fix it. For air conditioning repair service, it is always good to have maintenance checks. This will prevent you from having air conditioning repair service if it is not needed. When you take care of your AC system, it will take care of your cool needs. More »

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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Service In St. Petersburg FL.

Air Conditioning St. petersburg FL

There are many components in your home that provide you with comfort. Your refrigerator keeps your food and drinks nice and cold. Your washer and dryer machine cleans and dries your clothes. But the most important component is your air conditioning system. This large appliance gives you cool air on a hot summer Florida day and heat on a cooler night. When you take care of your air conditioning system, it will always take care of you. So many times we forget that we have to provide services to our AC systems. We have them installed and then we forget about them. Maintenance is the key to why your air conditioning system will last you several years. Without proper maintenance, you will shed off years of its life.

Choosing The Right Air Conditioning System

Since these large appliances are very important in your home, you wouldn't want to buy just any kind. Unlike purchasing a refrigerator, that you may get rid of in a few years, your air conditioning system is a large investment. Air Conditioning St. Petersburg can help you decide on the best air conditioning system for your home. Unfortunately, you can't just pick any type of system. A professional technician will inform you of what you should consider when searching for a new AC system. The dimension of your home is the number factor when choosing a unit. Not every unit will fit in every home. If you have a unit too small for your home, your system will not function properly. The smaller unit will have added stress to keep up with the temperature settings from your thermostat. By changing the degree, you could send your unit into overdrive. This is caused by trying to provide your home with the right temperature setting. This is why you should always consult with your air conditioning contractor. We will show you the requirements it takes to select the proper system for your home.

Your thermostat is very important for your air conditioning system. Your system is what creates and produces the cool air. However, it is controlled by your thermostat. Believe it or not, your thermostat is just as important as other large appliances in your home. It is the control station for your air conditioning system. A thermostat is a technical device that controls the temperature settings for your air conditioning system. This device relays information to your unit that instructs it to turn your system off and on. When you adjust the temperature settings, your system will then adapt to the degree change and turn on or off until the desired temperature is achieved. The best part of your thermostat is that you are able to control other settings for your air conditioning system. You can program your thermostat to turn on everyday at 3:30pm to 70 degrees. When you come home, your unit will be set at that desired setting. There are many other controls you can use that your AC system will adapt to. Most of them are controlled through Wi-Fi settings through your smart phone or internet. Check the compatibility of your thermostat to see what the requirements are.

Maintenance is very important for your air conditioning system. Just like you would maintain other large items such as your vehicle, your system needs care as well. Many people normally forget that your system needs attention every now and then. For such a costly purchase, why not take care of it? Whenever an issue arises, the first question we ask is; When was your last maintenance inspection? You should always keep your system on a routine. Just like you would change the oil in your car every three months, your air conditioning unit needs this same attention. After you have a new installation, your air conditioning contractor will advise you on how frequently you should have a maintenance check. Depending on the needs of your system will decide on how often it needs to be maintained. Don't wait until your maintenance check to address any issues you may be having. If you think that there is a problem, contact us immediately. Maintenance checks help our technicians search for clues from your system.

Regardless of the age of your air conditioning system, there are issues that can occur at any time. That is why maintenance is very important. Your system will inform you that there is a problem. The difference is, you need to be aware of what you are looking for. As a homeowner, you should know the normal sounds that your air conditioning system makes. There are a few noises, which are normal, that you may hear when your air conditioning system turns on or off. Here is a small list of noises that are not considered normal and need to be addressed.

Noises From Your Air Conditioning System

Screeching or Squealing
If you are hearing a squealing noise, that could indicate a bad belt that needs to be replaced. A belt is an inexpensive repair. It may just need oil or lubricant to get rid of the noise. However, if the belt cracks or breaks, your blower will no longer turn. Your technician would then have to replace the belt to solve the issue.

Clicking Noises
Most clicking noises are normal when your HVAC unit turns off and on. However, if you hear repeated clicking noises, there may be an electrical problem. A relay may be defective causing the clicking sounds.

Rattling Noises
Most rattling noise usually indicates that there is a component that is loose. This should be inspected soon. If left unattended to, you could be looking at parts breaking or breaking loose off of something. Either way, it normally turns out bad if not addressed. If you hear a loud banging noise when the blower is running, turn everything off immediately. This indicates that something has broken or disconnected. By turning everything off, you can prevent other issues from escalating.

Whistling Noises
A whistling noise normally comes from a seal that is not working properly. It could be that air is flowing between a crack or seam that has become worn. Your air conditioning technician will inspect for loose connections, loose screws or bolts and inspect all seals. That should get rid of the problem.

Thudding Noises
A thud usually indicates that something is loose and flying around the air conditioning unit. There could be a fan blade coming loose and bumping the guard while spinning. It could also be parts that have fallen off and are flying around the inside of the unit. While the unit is off, remove the cover plate and visually inspect the unit. If you can see the problem, contact Air Conditioning St. Petersburg. We will have a technician come out and fix the issue.

No matter the noise or issue you may have with your air conditioning system, we highly recommend that you do not try to repair or replace any parts by yourself. You need to leave the job for a professional company. There are many components inside of your air conditioning system that are sharp or could harm you. Do not touch anything or place your hands inside of the system. Call us immediately. Our technicians will come out and assess the problem. We do recommend that if you are having issues with your unit, take notes. Tell us what you hear, what time of day and what is going on with your system. These notes can help our technicians address the problem quicker.